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Case Keenum 2.0 here to humble the football world

Case Keenum 2.0 here to humble the football world

Each and each Wednesday, Dan Hanzus combs thru the expert findings of the Study Department to share nuggets (also called “nugs”) that fascinate, frighten or trade him on a primary level. Here’s the Week 14 model of High-Flying Adventures In The Study Notes.


Whereas we’re terminate to things that keep no longer make a ton of sense, Case Keenum must composed scuttle to the Official Bowl this season. Smartly, unless his team is preparing for Dapper Bowl LII, whereby case Keenum must composed positively no longer scuttle to the Official Bowl. But both draw, Keenum has performed at a level this season that deserves a notch on his extraordinary bedpost. Let’s make Keenum’s mattress extra spectacular, folks!

Entering the season, Keenum modified into as soon as savor Ryan Fitzpatrick with an contaminated bigger schooling (no offense, College of Houston). He modified into as soon as a 29-year-mature occupation backup who regarded to possess barely adequate skills to catch paychecks for one more 5 years in an understudy capability. Consistently in an understudy capability.

And that’s the reason precisely how this season began — sooner than Sam Bradford‘s knee modified into on him and Keenum modified into as soon as thrust into the opportunity of a lifetime. How are you able to no longer be impressed with how Keenum has raised his sport appropriate for the time being that Teddy Bridgewater got healthy and gave the impression primed to plot terminate motivate his starting job? It’s savor the competitor in Keenum role free a thunderous, “AW, HELL NO!” and then saw to it that Keenum’s manufacturing spiked to the level the put Bridgewater exited the dialog for factual.

Fans and football analysts do not know the whole lot — they appropriate hold they discontinue. Here is Case Keenum, supposed journeyman, standing in entrance of us all as dwelling proof.


Here is such a eventualities the put it’s a must to face motivate and revel in when stuff works out. This would not happen adequate in existence. Each and each year, the fortunes of teams go on the tip of NFL drafts and picks of potentialities at the quarterback location. When the Rams and Eagles went all-in on Jared Goff and Carson Wentz, respectively, historical previous informed us that such a teams would potentially stay to remorse the decision. Per chance both. Discovering a franchise passer is that extraordinary of a creep of the roulette wheel.

As we’re seeing now, evidently both teams hit unlit jack (pardon my mixing of gambling metaphors, I’m composed too intimidated by roulette to in fact play the game. Don’t name me a coward, Geno.). It goes without asserting that the Rams and Eagles are basking in the glory of a most animated-case scenario right here. Nineteen months after the 2016 NFL Draft and their young QBs lead the two very top-scoring offenses in football.

Additionally it’s miles a reminder of how essential it’s to surround young quarterbacks with the appropriate supporting forged and — possibly most foremost of all — coaches who perceive tips on how to domesticate these extremely essential personnel investments. A year previously, Goff regarded savor he modified into as soon as on the road to Bustville. Then, Sean McVay arrived and he is a top-12 quarterback at 23 years mature. The Eagles knew their quarterback wanted extra playmakers. Enter Alshon Jeffery, Torrey Smith and Jay Ajayi. Wentz would possibly well possibly appropriate be the league MVP.

Coming up this spring is one more draft class that many pundits predict will feature quarterbacks coming off the board at No. 1 and a few again. Will the teams who indirectly take a seat in these coveted spots discontinue up in the equivalent enviable location as Los Angeles and Philadelphia in a couple years? Smartly, that can rely on extra than appropriate the players they obtain.


The Dolphins possess existed because the dictionary definition of extraordinary football mediocrity for the previous 17 seasons. Three playoff appearances, zero postseason victories, six head coaches, a 126-143 document. Joe Philbin modified into as soon as in there someplace. In other words, the Fins are precisely the kind of team you’d keep apart a question to Tom Brady and the Patriots to whip up on right thru this generation — despite the put the two teams play.

It hasn’t worked out savor that. Why no longer?

Pondering the continuous churn of decision-makers for Miami right thru Brady’s occupation, I’m hesitant to hypothesize that the Dolphins (or Gash Saban) perfected a secret formulation to sluggish down potentially the most animated quarterback of all-time. Could well also it’s the prerequisites? Is humidity the single thing that would possibly well rapid circuit the machine they name TB12? That feels savor a stretch, but it completely’s no less believable than what brought down the aliens in Battle of the Worlds (microbes, dawg). In a roundabout draw, I’m going to chalk up Miami’s (relative) success to a combination of factual luck and better timing. Nothing extra, nothing less.

Obviously, if Brady throws three picks and the Pats scuttle down in flames Monday, I’m going to snappy pivot to potentially the most relied on and unimpeachable of all mysterious explanations in sports actions: A CURSE, BRO.


Lumber forward, bench him in your playoff matchup this week. I dare you. I double canine dare ya. I triple canine dare you!

Except next week …

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