The trapped Thai soccer team wrote hopeful letters to their parents asking for fried chicken and BBQ — as time runs out to save them

The 12 members of a Thai soccer team trapped in a flooded cave network have written hopeful letters to their families on the outside, asking for fried chicken and BBQ when they escape.
The Thai Navy SEALs, who are leading the dangerous operation to get the boys out, posted images of the letters on Facebook.

Members of the team wrote the messages in pen by torchlight inside the cave, then handed them to rescue divers who carried them to the outside world.

It came as authorities admitted that time is running out to get the boys out of the caves, where they have been stuck for two weeks since June 23.
Despite the risks, the boys all struck an upbeat tone in their messages. According to translations by the BBC, the most common theme of the letters was a request for their favourite food:

One boy, called Nick, wrote: “Mum, Dad, Nick loves Mum and Dad and siblings. If I can get out, Mum, Dad please bring me mu kratha (a type of BBQ pork) to eat… Nick loves Mum, Dad and siblings.”

Another, Tan, wrote: “Mum and Dad don’t worry about me, I’m fine. Tell my brother to be ready to bring me fried chicken. Love you.”

Ake, the boys’ coach, wrote a letter to relatives, saying: “To my grandma, I’m ok, I’m fine. Don’t worry about me too much. And take care of yourself. Auntie, tell grandma to cook numpak (a vegetable dish) and pork skin for me. When I get out I will go to eat. Love you guys.”

And what appears to be a joint statement from the whole team says: “The kids say don’t worry. We are all strong. When they come out they want to eat many things. When they come out they want to go back home immediately. Teacher, don’t give us lots of homework!”

At a press conference late Friday evening, the regional governor said that there is a window of three to four days to prepare the boys to get out.

Shayanne Gal/Business Insider

Forecasts of torrential monsoon rain headed for the region, which would flood the caves with still more water, mean that every lost hour makes the rescue operation even harder.


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