Papa John’s fallout continues, as some athletes want the name off Cardinal Stadium

Papa John’s Pizza is planning to pull founder John Schnatter’s image from its marketing materials, the Associated Press reported Friday. Schnatter has stepped down from his role as chairman of the board of the pizza chain after using a racial slur on a phone call.
Schnatter has also resigned from the board of trustees of the University of Louisville. But the Kentucky university’s Cardinals Stadium still bears the Papa John’s name. 
Now, some people also want to change that. Two U of L football players suggested on Twitter they wanted the stadium renamed.
The university’s president said she was reviewing the legal options to do so.
“There’s a legal aspects to it and we also want to be careful in thinking through,” said Neeli Bendapudi, who said she felt “disappointment” at Schnatter’s use of a racial slur.

“These are contractual agreements with the company, as well as him,” she said. “We’ll have to really take a look at it.”
Other public figures aren’t taking chances. The mayor of Jeffersonville, Indiana, which is across the river from Louisville, said he was returning a $400,000 donation from Schnatter to restore a local landmark. 
Schnatter had pledged $800,000 to renovate the Nachand Fieldhouse, a historic gym that would have carried his name. But Schnatter’s name was taken off the building this week as outrage built over his use of a slur
“I’m not going to allow that name with those comments to be attached to anything in the city of Jeffersonville,” said Mike Moore, the city’s mayor.
“An $800,000 gift to the city of Jeff is enormous, but the city of Jeff is worth more than $800,000. It’s not for sale,” Moore said. 
Schnatter is also a frequent donor to Republican candidates in Kentucky and nationwide.

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