End of Week 2 Flowering Closet SCROG Cannabis Grow (Marijuana)

End of Week 2 Flowering Closet SCROG Cannabis Grow (Marijuana)

Updated information is at the bottom

White Master Kush

Hybrid Indica slightly dominant in between 70/30 and 60/40 Indica.

Approx 5 feet from the base (4 feet tilted under SCROG)

Veg time 6.5 weeks.

San Fernando Valley OG Kush

Hybrid heavily dominant Sativa in between 60/40 Sativa and 50/50..

Approx 4 feet from the base (3.8 feet tilted under SCROG)

Veg time 6.5 weeks


steel wire fence from Home depot

2 T5 lights

1 400 watt High Pressure Sodium bulb with reflective shield.

2 cheap portable fans to use as intake and exhaust system for the 12/12 photo period.

2 smoke stacks from Home Depot to help keep the light from coming in through the fan blades during the dark period.

Door is made out of cardboard, duct tape, black plastic, and shit ton of staples.

SCROG or screen of green. This and the lollipop method should be used together for max results. The SCROG is a wire fence that allows the gardener to manipulate each individual top to allow full sun and even distribution of the plants hormones throughout.

The second method I used was the lollipop method. I like to stay conservative on trimming the lower branches. I only choose the ones that will not be able to reach the lights by week 2.5. I have a good idea usually what it will look like before then and cut accordingly. Lollipopping allows the tops that are able to have half or full light to become more cooperative when it comes to the size and density of the buds. This method should be performed within the last two weeks of veg. If lollopopping is performed in flowering, stunted growth is the result.

These two girls are my first SCROG. This will be my forth harvest coming up in about 8-10 more weeks. My soil is made up of generic potting soil, perlite, and peat’s moss. My fertilizers include Fox Farm’s famous 3 bottle kit. I generally stick to the feed guide however, I started using the fertilizers after the first 4 weeks of veg because the potting soil already had fertilizer in it.

If you provide the already enriched soil then you may exceed the nutrients and cause a lock out. The first week that I provided nutrients to the plant I gave it full value per the directions on the bottles. I generally check the soil daily to test whether or not they need another feeding. After it’s first feeding of full nutrients I poured 2 gallons of PH’d water (6.0-6.8) to drain any excess salts (this was not a full flush). The next time it requires a feeding I give it half of what the bottles say.

The two gallons that was poured through got rid of the salts at the lower portion of the bucket, meanwhile some nutrients stay in place. This feeding makes up for whatever was removed. From here and until 2 weeks before the end of flowering I will give the plants half nutrients every other feeding. 2 weeks before the end of the flowering period I will commit a full flush.

Generally the amount of water is 2-3X the size of the container. In this case I would be running 10-15 gallons of water through the bucket. This completely removes all the salts but also removes the nutrients as well (it’s like a fresh start) This is done for two reasons, one is to make the plant very happy because it will actually perform better at the end of flowering when no salts are present which give the bud a cleaner smoke.

The second reason is from this point on, I will no longer give it any nutrients but PH’d water and this will help keep nitrogen out of the soil and allow that cherry to stay in your joint for much longer than if you didn’t deprive the leaves of nitrogen. When the plant is deprived of N the leaves will yellow and the plant will look ugly but the weed will be amazing.


Added a third cheap light to help with the areas that the HPS cannot reach. Some minor nutrient burns on the tips of some of the fan leaves on the SFV OG Kush. However, it is the right kind of burn. The plant is telling me that I have barely exceeded the maximum amount of nutrients required. The nutrient burn showed up Feb 4th and has not and will not go any further than what is shown in the video.

On Feb 5th after watering, I manipulated as many tops as I could to use the entire space of the SCROG. I am however out of room. Luckily week 2 has ended and week 3’s growth should be slowed down significantly as opposed to the first 2 weeks of flowering. Both plants appears to be working on bud production.


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