Grow Marijuana: Kill Hemp Russet Mites & Broad Mites on Cannabis

Meet Will, Vice President of the Oregon Sun Grower’s Guild (OSGG).

Will diagnoses broad mites and hemp russet mites on marijuana plant leaf with a 60X microscope. Without this scope you cannot see them. Look on leaf underside and examine leaf qualities. This video tells you exactly how to diagnose the problem early.

When you see damage on top of a marijuana leaf probably 200 hemp russet mites are on the leaf!

Precise hands-on directions on product application. Details are important!

Control hemp russet mites and broad mites with:

PFR-97 (20% WDG) Isaria fumosorosea Apopka Strain 97 (ATCC 20874) Formerly Paecilomyces Fumosoroseus)

Kill phyloxera a root pest that is common in grape-growing regions.

Use Naturalis L, Beauveria bassiana ATCC 74040 in rotation

GRANDEVO, Chromobacterium subtsugae strain PRAA4-1T and spent fermentation media*

Use OroBoost adjuvicant or sticking agent to make sure sprays stay in place. This will double the effective power of organic sprays.

PyGanic, organically derived pyrethrum product which is a neuro-toxin to insects.

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