Grow Marijuana: Super-Cropping Pumped Up Marijuana Grow

Grow Marijuana: Super-Cropping Pumped Up Marijuana Grow

This 26,000 square-foot outdoor marijuana garden is a little windy. Evan is growing Critical Mass cross, many different cannabis varieties including, Afghani 1 x Skunk, Mazari-I-Sharif and many OG varieties of marijuana.

Armature breeder, Evan, is just like you. He is acclimating and personalizing his varieties to the local climate, even though he mislabels a few marijuana plants.

Timers control the entire outdoor marijuana garden irrigation schedule. The schedule is staggered because water collection tanks are small.

Black Domino cannabis variety is in a “secret” row.

Small hoop houses are trellised with netting.

See if Evan’s plants continue to grow this fast.

Super-cropping plants costs more time to manicure.

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