Alana rankings Paralympic considerable G bronze

Canadian roundup: Alana Ramsay rankings Paralympic substantial-G bronze | CBC Sports

Alana rankings Paralympic considerable G bronze

Alana rankings Paralympic – S. Korea with a decoration bronze inside the women’s standing G significant .
Calgary’s Ramsay achieved the platform in a period of 1 minute 35.20 seconds inside the abet of France’s Marie Bochet and Germany’s Andrea Rothfuss.

Mollie Jepsen of Whistler, B.C., who earned Canada’s first decoration on Day 1 with a bronze inside the declining event, done fourth.

Toronto’s Erin Latimer and Mel Pemble of Victoria B.C., done ninth and eleventh, separately. Montreal’s Frederique Turgeon did never again quit.

Canada’s 2016 female para-competitor of the year, Alana Ramsay, FICO score a two-week camp at the Alberta Child’s effectively being office for giving her the vitality to contend on the field arrange at the spic and span time 2:13

On the foot sole areas of his gold-award execution in Saturday’s outwardly debilitated downhill event, Macintosh Marcoux of Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., fell while making a gigantic flip in the considerable G and did never again quit

In sitting inconvenient nation, biathlon bronze medallist Collin Cameron of Sudbury, Ont., modified into Canada’s best finisher in fifth.

Chris Klebl of Canmore, Alta., completed eighth upright preceding Derek Zaplotinsky of Smokey Lake, Alta. Quebec City’s Sebastien Fortier modified into eighteenth, Ethan Hess of Pembeton, B.C. Twenty fourth and Yves Bourque of Bécancour, Que., twenty fifth.Alana rankings Paralympic


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