How Do You Feel About – With so many top seeds game liminated, it’s time to reseed the Sweet 16?

top seeds game

Top seeds game the NCAA coordinate option merits applaud this season. The match has tipped off. Your picks are secured. It be an ideal opportunity to be educated the detailing your section is saving up. […]


Why Cousins Vikings football player plans to rate a three year contract for $84.million?

Sources: Cousins plans to rate with Vikings

Former Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins plans to sign a three-year, fully guaranteed $84 million contract with the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday, sources tell ESPN’s Adam Schefter. The landmark deal will make Cousins the highest-paid quarterback in the league. “No final decisions have been made,” Cousins’ agent Mike McCartney said Tuesday. “The plan is to…

Brian McKeever wins 14th medal, breaking Canadian Iciness Paralympics epic

Brian McKeever wins 14th medal

Brian McKeever is a big fan of the line from the movie The Shawshank Redemption that advises us all to “get busy living or get busy dying.” No matter the challenge or setback, McKeever clearly chooses the former on his well-beaten path to the Paralympic podium. Twenty years after learning he was losing his eyesight, the Canmore,…

Why QB Ranking Kirk Cousins’ final four: Insiders predict where top will land?

Ranking Kirk Cousins’ final four: Insiders predict where top QB will land

The Kirk Cousins sweepstakes continues. It is now down to a final four that includes one team that has long appeared to be a fit and another that can top any other’s offer. The soon-to-be-former Washington Redskins quarterback was the main topic of conversation at the NFL combine, prompting ESPN Insiders to rank the list…

Whats Your Feelings On JR Smith’s soup suspension sends Twitter into a frenzy?

JR Smith's soup suspension JR Smith's soup suspension sends Twitter into a craze - Damon Jones has some experience being dunked on by an individual from the Cleveland Cavaliers. Nonetheless, Thursday was another experience for the Cavs aide mentor, who apparently had a bowl of soup tossed at him by JR Smith, who was accordingly suspended for the Cavs' misfortune to the Philadelphia 76ers

Damon Jones has some experience being dunked on by a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, Thursday was a new experience for the Cavs assistant coach, who reportedly had a bowl of soup thrown at him by JR Smith, who was subsequently suspended for the Cavs’ loss to the Philadelphia 76ers. For the subset of…

How Do You feel About Colin Cowherd on Russell Westbrook?

Colin Cowherd on Russell Westbrook

COLIN COWHERD: And I remember last year, you guys really got on me. Everybody did. Not just Christine, everybody. When I said, I don’t get how like a triple double equals MVP. Triple doubles great, but since when does stats equal valuable. Like I never, to me stats are stats, valuable is valuable. I don’t…

Franchise For Ezekiel Ansah?

Franchise-tagging Ezekiel Ansah became the one switch Lions may perchance perchance have faith made

6:56 PM ETMichael RothsteinESPN Staff Writer ClosePreviously covered University of Michigan for and Also covered Notre Dame for Fort Wayne Journal GazetteFollow on TwitterFacebookTwitterFacebook MessengerPinterestEmailprintcommentINDIANAPOLIS — It was the move the Detroit Lions had to make. With a suspect defensive line devoid of pass-rushers and the team’s top option, Ezekiel Ansah, a couple…