What Do You Think About Director Hope Hicks to resign?

Director Hope Hicks to resign

Director Hope Hicks to resign

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Director Hope Hicks to resign

Expectation Hicks, President Donald Trump’s longest-serving associate and current correspondences chief will leave her post in the coming weeks, the White House said Wednesday. Keen on Trump Administration? Include Trump Administration as an enthusiasm to remain a la mode on the latest. Hope Hicks, President Trump’s communications director and one of his longest-serving counselors, said Wednesday that she wanted to leave the White … that she had dated Rob Porter, the White House staff secretary who resigned under weight over assertions that he had mishandled his two previous wives. Director Hope Hicks to resign White House communications director Hope Hicks, one of President Donald Trump’s longest-serving and nearest associates, is resigning, the White House affirmed Wednesday. … Hicks’resignation came a day after she affirmed before the House Intelligence Committee.


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