How to Make Money Online by Blogging and Affiliate Advertising


The average casual blogger earns about 50-100 $ a month by adding links and affiliate links on their websites. These are easy to do and you do not need to invest in anything in order to set this up (apart from your computer and internet which, if your reading this at home, you already have!)

There are a few very popular companies who pay you whenever a link is clicked on the website you own. This can be anything from a personal / company website, a blog, or a page on an article website like Hub Pages.

The most popular website company that pays you whenever an advertisement is clicked is Google AdSense. Google AdSense can be tricky to join to, especially if you have been banned from the program in recent years / months.

Google AdSense pays you to promote other peoples companies and services. So when you sign up with them, your blog will be approved by a Google team member, and Google ads will start to appear over your website. You can choose where you want these ads to be, thereby giving you more control over your website layout and revenue potential.

AdSense generally pays out a higher amount of money per click. So you can expect each AdSense AdSense ad to generate roughly $ 5 to $ 10 per week, depending on add placement.

Another company that pays well for website clicks is Chitika. And emini halls. This website basically lets you put advertisement wherever you wish on your website / blog, much like AdSense. The elearning potential depends on how much traffic you generate on a daily basis. So the higher the traffic flow to your website, the higher the payment per click will be.

AdSense and chitika are very similar however, Chitika generally uses large flashing banners and side scrolling advertisements which can look annoying and obnoxious, and most of the time is not content related to your website at all. This can mean less clicks and sometimes less page views for those who own computers that can not handle all the flashing and moving on a banner.

Another great way to earn money from your website or blog is through text advertisements. Infolinks and Adbrite both offer the same services as each other. They both put double lines under random words in your website or blog which, when you place your mouse over the word will generate a small popup advertisement. When you remove the mouse from the word the pop-up simply disappears. These advertisements are generally context related, although i find AdBrite has no context relation whatsever and can just be plain annoying.

I have personally found that Kontera and infolinks are the best for contextual advertisisng with more accurate context advertising and more revenue (due to the relevance of the advertisement to the website / blog context).

A lot of bloggers find that they are less pre to read an article which has contextual advertisements gathered through, but that can be debated. It can be somewhat distracting when you are reading larger posts though it is still a way to create revenue in your website.

The above mentioned websites are fantastic for raising revenue in your personal websites and blogs, and when executed correctly, you earn a nice amount of pocket money-or more. Depending how seriously you blog and post.

Another great way of earning money online is thought writing articles for websites.

So basically you do the same thing as on your website except you are writing to increase advertising clicks for the website. Which, in turn, generates revenue for you.

The most popular website that offers revenue for articles is Triond. The more page views your artcles get, the more income you can earn from that article. You can start approaching straight away and you can write about virtually anything or anyone.

Another website similar to Triond is Helium. However it is a little more tricky to earn from Helium, as you need to write at least 4 to 6 articles in "competitive" titles in order to start earning revenue, A competitive title is a title that has at least 3 articles to its name . So for example, a title of "how good is Helium?" may have 3 other titles writing about that title.If you score within the top 75th percentile in that group of articles you can start earning revenue on it. It can be tricky and a little slow to start, but once your up and running its not so bad. However Triond is much easier to earn money than this. Helium also has a marketplace where you can find advertisements for writers to write about a specific topic. You can earn around $ 0- $ 100 this way, although it is highly competitive and you must reach a certain stage to be eligible to take part in the contests.

My favorite website for earning money is Buksia. It is so simple to start earning money and writing articles. You can write about whatever you like and as much as you like! From my very first article on here i started earning revenue right away. I certainly wont be rich overnight, even if you direct enough traffic to your articles by way of linking or advertising on other blogs and forums, you can make a good amount of pocket money and steady earnings.

If your not so into writing and blogging there's always another option! Online paid surveys!

Great survey companies that pay real money (or points to earn a gift card) are companies like Survey Village, Valued Opinions and Global Test market.

I use these 3 often, and once you sign up they email you with surveys for your to complete. Usually you will need to answer a couple of test questions to ensure you qualify for the survey, and you may have to do at least 4 before you find one your eligible for. However the more boxes you tick the better your chances are. Also those who live in the city areas may find less chances as there are more people from these areas taking the surveys.

Generally I get about 6 emails a week to take part in these surveys which can earn me anywhere from $ 1.50 to $ 5.00 a survey. These are fun, take about 5-15 minutes to complete and are a great way to earn a fast dollar!


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