Would You Like Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids Food Storage Set – 50 pc.?

Rubbermaid Lids Food Storage

Rubbermaid Lids Food Storage Set Easy Find– 50 pc.

Right cover. At the present time. Sorting out your kitchen just got simpler. Including tops that snap together and snap to the base of the compartment it fits, this sustenance stockpiling framework guarantees that the correct top is dependably readily available.

Item Description

This thing is fresh out of the plastic new, never opened, and in unique bundling.

Tired of burrowing around for covers? At that point the Easy Find Lids stockpiling framework is for you. Its covers snap to each other and to the holder bases so you can locate the correct top, at this moment. This arrangement of sustenance stockpiling gives the most straightforward and most ideal approach to store while not being used. These compartments give tops that snap to the base and to different covers, one top will fit numerous bases, and bases and tops home inside each other with additional reasonable bases to better observe substance. These are BPA free and give an airtight seal so your nourishment will remain fresher longer.

Graduated measured compartments home to consume up less space in your organizer, and its square shape consumes up less space in your cooler. All compartments are cooler, microwave and dishwasher safe.


50 pieces (25 bases and 25 covers)

Simple Find Lids – covers snap to base and to different covers

Bases and covers settle inside each other

Thick and sturdy for quite a long time of utilization

Cooler, microwave and best rack dishwasher safe

Amount and size of every compartment:

1 – 9 glasses/2.1 L

2 – 7 glasses/1.7 L

3 – 5 glasses/1.2 L

4 – 3 glasses/710 mL

3 – 2 glasses/473 mL

6 – 1.25 glasses/296 mL

6 – 0.5 glasses/118 mL


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