Sridevi Kapoor Funeral Gathering

Sridevi Kapoor Funeral

Sridevi Kapoor Funeral Gathering

It was a sad day in the city of western indian city of mumbai who her fans and family member still paid their respects to star Sridevi Kapoor who passed away on saturday.

The Mumbai women was flown back to indian on that tuesday. The pretty actress who we all loved died at age 54 due to a accidental drowning which was caused by a loss of consciousness. Sridevi Kapoor Funeral was held tuesday.

If you don’t know what she did or you don’t know what she was maybe ill give you a little history on her life.

Her acting career began at the age of four. She played a great adult role of a woman avenging for ger lover’s death. Her career as gave a great name for herself.

Sridevi Kapoor will live on forever in honor.


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