What Do You Think About One of Trump closest aides confidants and longest-tenured , is resigning?

trump closest aides

 One of Trump closest aides confidants and longest-tenured , is resigning

trump closest aides
Trump closest aides

Trump closest aides – Hicks’ resignation came one day after she testified before the House Intelligence Committee, where she reportedly said she had occasionally told white lies for the president but never lied about anything consequential related to the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 US election. President Donald Trump’s Cabinet is populated by wealthy business executives, retired military men, conservative activists and some longstanding Trump supporters. All, to some degree, share his political views. Take a look at the advisers who will be closest to Trump. Hicks is likely to leave the White House in a few weeks, although her departure date isn’t yet known. Her resignation comes after some of the most tumultuous weeks of her tenure. The typically low-profile aide first came under intense scrutiny for her alleged role in crafting the administration’s 

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