Why Did Mother’s advice paid off for son won lottery prize?

son won lottery prize

Why Did Mother’s advice paid off for son won lottery prize of $100,000

Son won lottery prize his name was Brandon Pree said he won $100,000 from the Virginia Lottery because of the counsel of his mom. Photograph graciousness of the Virginia Lottery

Walk 12 (UPI) – A Virginia Lottery player said he won a $100,000 bonanza because of his firmly following the guidance given to him by his mom.

Brandon Pree of Washington, D.C., said he was going to his mom, Tina, when she exhorted him to play the Virginia Lottery’s Money 5 diversion utilizing family birthday events for the numbers.

Tina’s recommendation demonstrated the familiar proverb that “mother knows best” when Pree coordinated each of the five numbers in the Feb. 28 drawing, 11-22-25-26-28, acquiring him a $100,000 prize.

“The principal thing I did was call my mom,” Pree said. “She began shouting!”

Tina said she has some further guidance for Pree in regards to what he ought to do with the cash: “Ideally he’ll impart to me since I instructed him to play!”

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